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Getting Started with Pentesting

Video Introducing this tutorial

Installation and Setup :
The Course Overview
Installing Kali Virtual Machine
Setting Up Metasploitable2
Setting up Kali Virtual Machine
Setting up Third Party Tools on Kali

Introduction to Penetration Testing :
Penetration Testing Classification
Pentesting Methodology
Gathering the Client Requirements
Target Scoping

Getting Organized with Essential Tools :
Walkthrough of Kali
Using Nmap
Introduction to the Metasploit Framework
Wireshark Basics
A Burpsuite Walkthrough Basics

Information Discovery Reconnaissance :
Types of Reconnaissance Active and Passive
Using NsLookup
Using Traceroute/Tracert
Gathering Open Web Information
Scanning Using Nmap

Scanning Enumerating Target :
Detailed Walkthrough - Nmap
Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE)
Scan Types Nmap
Exporting Nmap Scan Output
Introduction to Zenmap Graphical Nmap
Banner Grabbing with Netcat