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Getting Started with Informatica

Downloading Informatica Power Center 9.x :
The Course Overview
Downloading the Tool
Extracting the Tool from Its .zip File

Installing and Configuring Power Center :
Installing the Server
Installing the Client

Getting Familiar with the Admin Console :
Configuring Domain and Node
Configuring Repository and Integration Service

Setting up Security, Permissions, and Client Configuration :
Configuring Users and Granting Permissions
Configuring the Repository Manager

Using the Designer Screen :
Using the Designer Client Interface
Working with Sources as Files and Databases
Working with Targets as Files and Databases

Creating Mappings :
Creating a New Mapping
Getting Acquainted with the Workflow Manager Screen

Adding Transformation Using Input and Output Ports :
Using the Workflow Manager Interface
Using the Workflow Manager

Setting Up a Path and Connection :
Setting the Source And Target Paths
Executing the Workflow

Getting Accustomed to the Workflow Monitor Screen :
The Workflow Monitor
The Workflow Log, Session Log, And Run Properties

Working with the Repository Manager Screen :
Copy Paste and Drag Drop Features
The Export Import Feature