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Getting Started with Hadoop 2.x

Video Introducing this tutorial

Intro to the Hadoop World :
The Course Overview
Installing Hadoop in Local
Bring Process to Data
NameNode Versus DataNode
Map and Reduce Operations
Order of Execution and Parallel Thinking

File System Overdrive with HDFS :
Formatting a HDFS
Formatting a HDFS
Some Helpful Commands to Communicate with the HDFS
HDFS Protocol and Using It in Applications

Lets Run Some Hadoop Jobs :
Hadoop Jobs Versus Tasks
The Hadoop UI for Task Progress
Running a Couple of Example Jobs
Analyze the Work Flow/Data Flow/Process Flow

Its Show Time :
Introduction to the Movie Dataset
Data Transformation and Storing to HDFS
Devise a Simple Algorithm for Recommendation
Implement the Algorithm in Hadoop Map-Reduce Way and Analyze Performance