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Getting Started with Azure Functions

Video Introducing this tutorial

Get Started with Azure Functions :
The Course Overview
What are Azure Functions?
Setting Up Your Azure Account
Writing Your First Azure Function
How Does Pricing Work?

Different Languages in Azure Functions :
JavaScript in Azure Functions with NodeJS
C# in Azure Functions
F# in Azure Functions
Python in Azure Functions
PHP in Azure Functions
Other Languages in Azure Functions

Triggers and Bindings :
Introduction to Triggers and Bindings
Basic Triggers
Storage Triggers
Other Triggers and Bindings
Advanced Bindings

Architecting with Azure Functions :
Choosing Between Flow, Logic Apps, Azure Functions, and WebJobs
Choosing a Hosting Plan
Best Practices for Azure Functions
Security Concerns

Building a Serverless Architecture :
What is Serverless Architecture?
Why Serverless?
Serverless Considerations
Serverless Best Practices
Moving to a Serverless Architecture

Testing and Monitoring Your Azure Functions :
C# Integration Tests
Using the Postman REST Client
Monitoring Your Azure Functions
Debugging Your Azure Functions

Automating Deployment :
Using Azure Functions Core Tools
Using Git to Edit and Deploy Functions
Introduction to Azure Resource Manager
Using Azure Resource Manager with Function Apps
Putting it All Together for Continuous Delivery