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Game Design with Unity 2019

Video Introducing this tutorial

Materials and Textures in Unity :
The Course Overview
Understanding Materials and Textures in Unity
Diving Deep into Materials and Textures
Texture Tiling and Offset

Designing a Level in Unity :
Setting Up a Terrain in Unity
Sculpting a Terrain
Painting with Textures
Adding Details to the Terrain

Adding a Player Character :
Setting Up the Player Character
Adding a Weapon
Adding a Crosshair and Sound Effect
Creating a Shooting Mechanism

Working with Lights :
Fundamentals of Lighting in Unity
Different Types of Lights in Unity
Light Baking
Creating a Skybox

Working with Particle Systems :
Getting Started with Particle System
The Emission and Shape Module
The Color and Size Over Lifetime Modules
The Renderer Module

Adding Postprocessing Effects :
Introduction to Post Processing
Bloom and Color Grading
Depth of Field
Adding a Vignette Effect

3D Modeling and Texture Painting :
Creating a Simple 3D Model in Blender
UV Mapping in Blender
Texture Painting
Importing the Final Model in Unity