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PacktPub Fundamentals of ASP.NET Core 3

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started with .NET Core:
Course Overview
Discovering the .NET Core Philosophy
Understanding Kestrel and IIS
Migrating to .NET Core
Installing the Different Tools
Writing a "Hello World" Program

Creating a New ASP.NET MVC Core Project:
Creating a New ASP.NET MVC Core Project in Visual Studio
Adding a View to an ASP.NET Core MVC App
Using the JSON Data Files
Running the App

Creating a Well Architected Application:
What Is MVC - N-Tier Architecture
Understanding Controllers
Understanding Razor Views
Working with Models

Creating the WPF Application
Using the ToolBox
More Using the ToolBox
Creating Code for UI Interaction
Finishing the Pizza Class

Building Apps That Work on All Windows 10 Devices:
What Is Universal Windows Platform
Why UWP Is Important
Creating a Developer Account

Universal Windows Platform - XAML and C#:
Creating a UWP Application
Creating a User Interface
Basics of Input
Implementing a Command Bar

Testing and Deployment:
Getting Started with Unit Testing
Unit Test Basics
Exploring Other Testing Options
First Look at Deployment in Visual Studios
Packaging a New App with Visual Studio
Course Summary