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Functional Programming with Streams in Java 9

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introducing Functional Programming :
The Course Overview
Installation and Setup
What Is Functional Programming?
Interfaces get a Boost
Some Interfaces are More Functional Than Others

Lambda Expressions :
Writing Your First Lambda Expression
Typing Lambda Expressions
Capturing Values
Method References

Stream Operations :
Pre-Existing Functional Interfaces
New Functional Interfaces
Functional Interfaces for Primitive Types
Composing Functions

Sequential Data Processing with Streams :
Comparing Streams, Collections, and Iterators
Creating a Stream
Understanding Lazy Evaluation
Streams as Monads

Stream Operations :
Filtering Stream Elements
Transforming and Rearranging Stream Elements
Basic Terminal Operations
Reductions and Collectors
Streams of Primitive Types

Parallel Streams :
Recognizing and Avoiding Statefulness and Side Effects
Using Parallel Streams
Looking Under the Hood: The fork-join framework

Functional Exercise :
2D Collision Detection
Two-Phase Collision Detection