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Functional Data Structures and Algorithms

Video Introducing this tutorial

Why Functional Programming? :
The Course Overview
The Imperative Way and a Higher Level of Abstraction
Functional Programming and Boilerplate
Higher Order Functions
Recursion Aids Immutability
Copy-On-Write, Laziness, and Deferred Execution
Composing Functions

Building Blocks :
The Big O Notation
Space/Time Trade-Off
Referential Transparency
Vectors Versus Lists
Complexities and Collections

Lists :
First Steps
List Head and Tail
Drop Elements
Concatenating Lists
Persistent Data Structures and Tail Call Optimization
List Append and Prepend
Getting the Value at Index
Modifying a List Value

Binary Trees :
Node Definitions
Building the Tree
Comparing Trees
The Accumulator Idiom
Binary Search Trees

More List Algorithms :
Binary Numbers
Greedy Algorithms and Backtracking