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Full Stack Kotlin Development

The Course Overview
Getting Started with Kotlin and Gradle
Spring Boot 2 Configuration
Functional Spring Beans with Kotlin DSL
Spring and Kotlin, Opening Our Classes for Extension
Componentizing Our Spring Project with Gradle Modules
Component and Layer Scoping with Kotlin Visibility Modifiers
Kotlin and Spring Controllers
Kotlin HTML DSL and Spring Controllers
Kotlin DSL for Functional Spring Controllers
View and REST API Organization and Generic Web Application Structure
Validating Spring REST Endpoints
Handlers and Filters for Web Layer Requests
Managing State Between Web and Business Logic Layer
Introduction to Spring Data Dependencies
Modeling JPA Entities with Kotlin Data Classes
Spring Data Repositories and Accessing Datasource with Spring Data Library
Handling Database Records, Querying and Inserting
Configuring Spring Security
Modelling Authentication Entities and Users
Custom Authorization Services and Auth Through Frontend
Choosing and Setting Up a Restful Client
Asynchronous Communication with External APIs
Saving External Responses to the Database
Kotlin 2 JS Gradle Plugin and Gradle Kotlin DSL
Building Kotlin JS and Generating Frontend Artifacts
Kotlin and JavaScript Interoperability
Setting up Webpack for Bundling and Development Flow
Kotlin Bindings for React Library
React Application Entry Point and Component Structure
React Component Lifecycle and State
Communication Between React Components
Creating Multi-View React Applications
Extracting Application State to an External Store
React and Flux Architecture
Redux Bindings for Your Kotlin React Application
Combining React, Redux and Kotlin with Connected Components
Dispatching Actions from React Components
Asynchronous Action Creation with Redux and Middleware
Kotlin Coroutines as Asynchronous Handlers for XHR
Dehydrating/Rehydrating and Serving Data from Backend
Deploying a Full Stack Application to a Linux Server

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