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First Guide to Dashboards using IBM Cognos Analytics (V11)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and High-Level Architecture :
The Course Overview
Introduction to Business Intelligence
Cognos and Its High-Level Architecture

Setup and Sample Database :
Setting Up an Account for Cognos on the Cloud
Sample Databases and Files

Welcome to Welcome Portal :
Welcome Portal
Wheres Report Studio Gone?
Your First Dashboard

Its All about Data :
On the Back Stage Connecting to Databases
Creating Your Own Data Modules
Adding Your Own Data to Dashboards

Taking Data Modules to Next Level :
Improving Module Examining the Data Model
Refining Module Filtering and Cleaning
Extending Module Creating Custom Calculations
Generating Stitched Facts How and Why?

Dashboard Authoring in Detail :
How to Change Visualization Properties?
Singletons, Static Texts, and Display Order
Changing Widget Connections
Navigation Group for Drill Down

Creating a Story and Giving Finishing Touch :
Creating a Story Using Pins
Changing the Theme and Background
Adding Multimedia and Info-Graphics
Sharing Story and Dashboard Using Custom URL