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Exploratory Data Analysis with Pandas and Python 3.x

1 Getting Set Up :
Installing Python
Using the Command Line Tools

2 Graphical Interfaces, Event-Driven Programs, and Reactive Programming :
Responding to User Actions
Properties and Basic Reactive Programming
ReactiveX for More Advanced Reactive Programming
Writing Our Oware Client

3 Networking, Microservices, and Asynchronous Programming :
Creating an HTTP Microservice with asyncio and aiohttp
Using ReactiveX Together with asyncio
Writing Our Oware Server

4 Fighting Back Against Bugs, Using Type Annotation, and Unit Testing :
Using Tests to Find Bugs, and Keep Them from Coming Back
Test-Driven Development
Hardening Our Oware Code

5 Parallel Concurrency :
Using Multiprocessing to Handle Lower Level Multi-process Concurrency
Using Subprocess to Handle Very Low Level Multi-process Concurrency
Optimizing Inter-Process Communication with __getstate__ and __setstate__

6 Decorators and Non-Type Annotations :
Non-Type Annotations as Metadata on Functions and Parameters

7 Descriptors and Context Managers :
Context Managers for Active Scopes and RAII

8 Distributing Your Software :
Distributing Libraries in Wheel Format
Distributing Programs Using PyInstaller
Compiling Python Using Cython

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