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Expert Ruby on Rails 5

Video Introducing this tutorial

Installation and Setup :
The Course Overview
Setting Up Ruby on Rails
Cloud Deployment

Getting Started with Rails 5 :
Rails 5 and Ruby 2.3.1
Creating a New Rails 5 Project and Configuring an Alternative Database
Application Structure

Authenticating Customers :
Authentication with Rails
Installing and Configuring Devise
Integrating Devise
Customizing Devise

Defining Relationships :
Creating a Data Model
Building Relationships
Validations and Constraints
Fixtures and Tests

Controllers, Views, and Resources :
Routes and Resources
Layouts and Stylesheets
Controllers and Actions
Testing Controllers

Sharing the Message :
Creating an API Project with Rails
Authenticating API Clients
Refining the API
Consuming the API

User Presence :
What Is ActionCable?
Setting Up for ActionCable
Creating Notifications