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Enhancing Data Visualization Models in Power BI with DAX

Manage your Data :
The Course Overview
Creating Datasets in the Power BI Desktop
Analyzing the Dataset
Ensuring Your Data Is Clean and Easy-to-Read

Introduction to DAX :
Overview of DAX
DAX Data Types and Operators
Working with DAX Functions and Formulas

Writing Queries to Load Data :
Overview of Supported Data Sources
Loading Data versus Using DirectQuery
Working with Composite Models
Transforming Data
Joining or Combining Queries
Writing Power Query Functions
Working with Power Query Parameters

Improving Your Data Model :
Renaming Columns and Tables
Hiding Columns and Tables From the Data Model
Column Data Type and Formatting
Working with Numerical Fields
Creating Computed Columns with DAX
Sorting Data in Columns and Data Categorization
Defining Hierarchies Based on a Single Table
Defining Relationships Between Tables

Enhancing the Data Model Using DAX :
Referencing Other Tables in DAX
Row Versus Filter Context
Some Useful DAX Functions
Adding Time Intelligence Using DAX

Working Around Workspaces :
Creating New Workspace Apps
Managing Workspaces and Apps
Sharing Dashboards with Internal and External Users
Creating Power BI Apps
Consuming Power BI Apps
Using Publish to Web with Dashboards
Course Summary