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PacktPub Django with Data Science

Video Introducing this tutorial

Django Project:
How to get Visual Studio code and Anaconda
Setting Up the Django Project Part I
Setting Up the Django Project Part II
Creating the First Model
Creating Another Model
Creating Our First View (with pandas Dataframes)
Merging Two Dataframes
Adding Static Files
Creating a Chart Selection Form
Adding JS to the Form
Sending the Data to the View
Displaying Error Messages
Adding Objects
Working with the Date
Performing GroupBy
Adding Additional Logic to the View
Chart Function Part I
Chart Function Part II
Chart Function Part III
Displaying the Chart
Styling the Error Message
Closing the Error Message
Creating Modal with Price Statistics
Adding Styling
Applying a Fix to the Chart and Button Creation
Creating Purchase View
Creating Django Model Form
Finishing Django Model Form
Testing the Model Form
Adding Send Confirmation
Navigation to the Purchase View
Remarks on the Chart View
Adding Navbar
Creating the CSV Model
Setting Up the Upload View
Creating the Django Form for File Upload
Resetting the Database
Chart View Fix
Exploring the CSV File - Sales Data
Saving CSV File via Form
Opening the CSV File - Sales Data
Transforming Rows of the CSV File - Sales Data
Populating the Database from CSV File - Sales Data
Creating Customers App and Model
Creating Customer View
Setting Up Customer View
Finishing the Customer View
Working on the Sales View Part I
Working on the Sales View Part II
Styling the Graphs
Creating the Home View
Creating Login Form and Login View
Working on the Login
Continue Working on the Login
Final Touches for the Login
Logout View

Python Data Science Libraries:
Introduction to Data Science