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Dive into Orchestration with Docker Swarm

Video Introducing this tutorial

Storage and Networking :
The Course Overview
Moving from One Node to Many
Using Shared Storage
Using Docker Overlay Networks
Using Weave Net for Overlay Networks
Using Multiple Networks to Isolate Traffic

Docker Swarm Management :
Initializing a Swarm
Adding Nodes to a Swarm
Node Promotion and Availability
Grouping Nodes with Labels
Removing a Node
Backup and Recovery of a Swarm

Docker Swarm Services :
Adding a Service
Advanced Service Options
Service Discovery and Networking
Setting Constraints
Stopping and Updating Services
Rolling Updates
Using Traefik to Proxy Web Services

Docker Compose :
Introduction to Docker Compose
Writing docker-compose.yml Files
Creating Multi-container Applications
Making Development Easier
Defining Networks and Volumes
Distributed Application Bundles and Stacks