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Digital Forensics with Kali Linux

Video Introducing this tutorial

Installation and Setup :
The Course Overview
Brief Introduction to Digital Forensics
Downloading and Installing Kali Linux

Acquiring Forensic Images :
Introduction to Forensic Imaging
Overview of dcfldd and dc3dd
Drive Imaging with dc3dd
Android Device Imaging with dc3dd
Image Acquisition with Guymager

Artifacts Extraction and Analysis with CLI Tools :
Overview of the Sleuth Kit and Filesystem Analysis
Windows Registry Analysis with RegRipper
Extracting and Analyzing Browser, E-mail, and IM Artifacts
File Analysis Tools
Building a Super-Timeline of the Events

File Carving and Data Recovery :
File Carving Overview
File Carving Tools
Extracting Data with Bulk Extractor

The Autopsy Forensic Suite :
Autopsy 4 Overview and Installation
Analysis of a Windows Image with Autopsy
Analysis of an Android Image with Autopsy

Memory Forensics :
Introduction to Memory Forensics and Acquisition
Memory Acquisition
Introduction to Volatility
Memory Analysis with Volatility

Network Forensics :
Introduction to Network Forensics
Capturing Network Traffic with Wireshark
Network Traffic Analysis with Wireshark

Reporting :
Introduction to Reporting
Documentation and Reporting Tools