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Deploying Cloud-Native AWS components

Video Introducing this tutorial

Search-as-a-Service :
The Course Overview
Getting Familiar with CloudSearch
A Very Practical Search Example
Lets Talk Trade-Offs

Code-as-a-Service :
AWS Lambda Why and Why Not?
Deep Dive into AWS Lambda
Deploying Lambda Functions
Step-by-Step Step Functions

API-as-a-Service :
API Gateway Up and Running
Deploying API Gateway with Stages (Or Not)
Automated API Deployment
Things You Didnt Know API Gateway Can Do

Operations-as-a-Service :
Bringing Your Chef Recipes to AWS
Magical Beans What is Elastic Beanstalk Useful for?
CodeX Commit, Build, Deploy, and Pipeline!

AI-as-a-Service :
Smart Computers
Turning Pictures into Words
Turning Words into Speech