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Deep Dive into Functional JavaScript

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Functional Programming :
The Course Overview
Imperative and Declarative Programming by Example
Principles of Writing Code in Functional Style
Benefits and Drawbacks of Functional Programming

Functional Programming in ES6 :
Getting Started with ES6
Deep and Shallow Cloning in JavaScript
Context Binding by Example
Chaining and Function Composition

Higher Order Functions in JavaScript :
What are Higher Order Functions?
Handling JavaScript Arrays with Higher Order Functions
Introducing Map, Reduce, and Filter
Joins with Map-Reduce
Filtering Examples
Converting an Array of Nodes to a Tree

Currying and Partial Evaluation :
Deep Dive into Currying
Partial Application
Rendering Templates Using Partial Application

Recursion, Tail Recursion, and Accumulator Variables :
Recursive and Iterative Solutions in JavaScript
Optimization Techniques with Recursion

Summary and Outlook :
Your Functional Programming Utility Belt
Your Learning Path