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PacktPub Data Understanding and Data Visualization with Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the Course:
About the Tutor and AI Sciences
Focus of the Course
Content of the Course

Strings in Python:
Introduction to Strings
Multi-Line Strings
Indexing Strings
String Methods
String Escape Sequences

Python Data Structure:
Introduction to Data Structure
Data Structures - Defining and Indexing
Data Structures - Insertion and Deletion
Data Structures - Insertion and Deletion Python Practice
Data Structures - Deep Copy or Reference and Slicing
Data Structures - Exploring Methods Using TAB Completion
Data Structures - Abstract Ways
Data Structures - Problem Solving Practice

NumPy for Numerical Data Processing:
Introduction to NumPy
NumPy Dimensions
NumPy Shape, Size, and Bytes
NumPy Arange and Random Package
NumPy Random and Reshape
NumPy Slicing Combined
NumPy Masking
NumPy BroadCasting and Concatenation
NumPy Ufuncs and SpeedTest
Ufuncs Add, Sum, and Plus Operators
Ufuncs Subtract Power Mod
Ufuncs Comparisons Logical Operators
Ufuncs Output Argument
NumPy Playing with Images
NumPy KNN Classifier from Scratch
NumPy Structured Arrays

Pandas for Data Manipulation and Understanding:
Introduction to Pandas
Pandas Series
Pandas DataFrame
Pandas Missing Values
Pandas loc and Iloc
Pandas in Practice
Pandas Group by
Hierarchical Indexing
Pandas Rolling
Pandas Where
Pandas Clip
Pandas Merge
Pandas Pivot Table
Pandas Strings
Pandas DateTime
Pandas Hands-On COVID-19 Data
Pandas Hands-On COVID-19 Data Bug Fixed

Matplotlib for Data Visualization:
Introduction to Matplotlib
Matplotlib Multiple Plots
Matplotlib Colors and Styles
Matplotlib Colors and Styles Shortcuts
Matplotlib Axis Limits
Matplotlib Legends Labels
Matplotlib Set Function
Matplotlib Markers
Matplotlib Markers Random Plots
Matplotlib Scatter Plot
Matplotlib Contour Plot
Matplotlib Histograms
Matplotlib Subplots
Matplotlib 3D Introduction
Matplotlib 3D Scatter Plots
Matplotlib 3D Surface Plots

Seaborn for Data Visualization:
Introduction to Seaborn
Seaborn Relplot
Seaborn Relplot Kind Line
Seaborn Relplot Facets
Seaborn Catplot
Seaborn Heatmaps

Bokeh for Interactive Plotting:
Introduction to Bokeh
Bokeh Multiplots Markers
Bokeh Multiplots Grid Plot

Plotly for 3D Interactive Plotting:
Plotly 3D Interactive Scatter Plot
Plotly 3D Interactive Surface Plot

Geographic Maps with Folium:
Geographic Maps with Folium using COVID-19 Data

Pandas for Plotting:
Pandas for Plotting