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Create Android apps with App Inventor

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting to Know the App Inventor :
The Course Overview
Why App Development?
Why Use App Inventor?
What Is an IDE?
Introduction to Web-Based IDE
Installing the Emulator

Getting Started with App Inventor :
Sequence, Selection, and Iteration
Changing Screen Background Color
Save Project Source and Generate APK
Deploying your App on the Google Play Store

Decisions and Iteration :
Variable Type List
If Tests
Advanced Procedures

Advanced App Inventor :
Create an Image for a Button
Add Image to a Button
Invoke the Camera

User Interactions with App Inventor :
Mobile Usability Case Study
Call One Screen from Another
Pass Data between Screens

Advanced UI Movements and Graphics :
Example Concept Learn Chemistry
Advanced Layouts
Using Ball and Canvas
Detect Collision Events

Storage :
Saving Data in TinyDB
Select a Random Item from TinyDB
Compare Lists