PacktPub Complete Bash Shell Scripting 2021

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the course
Required documents for this course
Environmental Set up to practice Bash shell scripting
Installing Ubuntu on Windows 10
Basic Steps to write and execute a shell script
List of General-purpose commands to help understand about the usage of a command.
Configuring Gmail set up on Ubuntu Server
Docker Installation on Ubuntu Server using Bash Shell Script

Redirection Operators:
Redirection Operators and STDIN, STDOUT & STDERR

Commands to read a file content:
Commands to read a file content
Commands to read a file content with conditions
How to display or print a range of lines

Grep command:
Basic usage of grep command
Advanced Usage of Grep Command
Simple Practice with grep command

Cut command:
Complete cut command in one video

AWK Command:
Basics of AWK Command to write simple Shell Scripts

Simple useful commands for shell scripting:
tr command
tee command

Basics of shell scripting:
First Simple Hello World Script using the echo command
Introduction to variables
Simple Shell Script to know the usage of Variables in Bash Shell Scripting
Advanced Usage of the echo command
Here Document for Multi-lines or Multi-line block
Here String Usage
Writing Comments for a Shell Script
what is #!/usr/bin/env bash ?
Debugging a Bash Shell Script
Exit Status of a Command

String operations to write Bash Shell scripting:
Basic String operations
String Operations on Paths | Useful for Real-time

Input and output commands for bash shell scripting:
Input with the read command and output with the echo command
Input with the command line arguments

Arithmetic operators:
Arithmetic operators
Simple usage of the case statement

Test command, commands chaining, and conditional statements:
test command and its usage | Comparison and file test operators
Command Chaining using Logical AND (&&) and Logical OR (||) Operators
Executing a block of code using {}

Conditional Statements - simple if, if-else, if elif elif else:
simple if and if-else conditional statement
Simple Shell Script to verify the user is root or not and User is having sudo
Shell Script to start docker service
Logical AND OR and NOT operators - ( &&, || and ! )
Differences between [ ] and [[ ]] ( old and new test command) and also (( ))
if elif elif else conditional statement
How to handle the command line arguments

Scheduling jobs with at and crontab:
One-time task execution with at | scheduling job with at command to execute once
Scheduling jobs with crontab
Shell Script to send Automatic Mail Alert when RAM Memory gets Low
Shell Script to monitor File System Utilization with mail alerts

Arrays of bash shell scripting:
Introduction to Arrays
Associative Arrays

Loops and Loop control statements - Part 1:
Introduction to Loops
Different types of For loop syntax's
Installing multiple packages with for loop and command line arguments
Difference between [email protected] and $*
Loop Control commands / statements
For loop with arrays

Working with remote servers:
Login into remote server from the local server using ssh
Executing commands on remote server without logging into remote server
Providing password for ssh using sshpass utility
Executing multiple commands on multiple servers
Shell Script to execute different commands on different servers

Loops and loop control statements - Part 2:
Basic syntaxes of while loop
while loop with IFS

Simple Introduction to Functions
Defining a Function and Calling a Function
Scope of the Variables (Global and Local Variables), Returning a variable value
Passing Parameters to a Function

Complete printf command:
Complete printf command

AWK command and AWK scripting:
Introduction to AWK
awk command with action and basic variables
Introduction to AWK scripting
awk command with options, action and basic variables
Simple Hello World awk script
How to define a variable, display a variable, and execute multiple statements
awk command or awk script: Reading variable values from the command line
How to use awk command / script in shell scripts
How to read variables for awk command using shell script

Complete sed command:
Introduction to the sed command
sed: Viewing file content and deleting file content based on line numbers
Searching file content
Find and replace with sed command
Insertion and Deletion with sed command
Regex: Introduction to sed command with regex
Regex - Part 1 - Regex with special characters (s t . *+ ? and )
Regex - Part 2 - Regex with special characters (^ and $)
Regex-Part-3: Regex with special characters ( [] () and {} )
Simple shell script to get all git versions from official git-scm website

Real-Time Practice (Low level to High level):
Design a simple digital clock
Automate Server Inventory using Shell Script
Automate Multiple Servers Inventory using Shell Script
Monitor File system usage and send mail alerts
Automate the installation of required git version using bash shell script

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