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Chef Recipes

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Configuration Management Tools and Chef
Chef Head-to-head with Other Leading CM Tools
Chef Server Types
Installing a Local Chef Server
Create an Account on Hosted Chef
ChefDK and Chef Workstation Configuration
A Close Look at knife.rb and chef-repo
Bootstrapping a Node
Building Blocks of Chef Recipe Writing
Common Chef Resources and Chef Guards
Understanding the Chef-client Run
Working with Chef Run_list
Roles and Environments – An Introduction
Versioning Cookbooks and Mapping to Environments
Chef Supermarket
Node Object and Ohai (Chef Profiler)
Using Search in Chef
Chef Security and Configuration Files
Test Driven Development Using Test Kitchen
Test Kitchen
Using Test Kitchen for TDD in Chef
Understanding the Use-case for Chef Automate
Application Automation with Chef Habitat
Policy Adherence with Chef Compliance

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