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Building Electron Applications

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Electron :
The Course Overview
What is Electron?
Why Would You Like to Develop an Electron Application?
How Electron Development Differs from Traditional SPAs
Electron Hello World

Electron GUI Components :
Electron BrowserWindow
Children Windows
Electron Dialogs
Electron Menus
Electron Tray
Electron Notifications
Window Progress Bars

Desktop Integration :
Desktop Specific Styles
File Protocols
Keyboard Shortcuts
Storing Settings and Misc Files

Testing Electron Applications :
Unit Testing with Electron-Mocha
Integration Testing with Spectron
Set Up a Cross Platform Manual Testing Environment
Electron Crash Reporter
Introduction to Electron DevTools

Electron In-Depth :
The Electron Architecture
The Electron IPC
Electron vs NW.js
How to Build Electron