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Building Apps Using Amazon’s Alexa and Lex

Video Introducing this tutorial

You, This Course and Us
Introducing Alexa
Evolution of Human Computer Interaction and Voice Interfaces
Prereqs and Course Overview
Alexa, Echo and AWS
Skill Concepts: Invocations, Utterances and Intents
Tools and Platforms: AWS, Amazon Developer Console and
Types of Skills
Overview of the Stock Market Tracker
Utterance-Intent Mapping
Financial Data from AlphaVantage
Setup and Configure an Alexa Skill
AWS Lambdas
Link the Alexa Skill with the Lambda Function
Set up and Test Lambda Code
Code and Test the Launch Request
Code and Test the Intent Request
Handle Help and Stop Intents
Test Using
Slots as Request Configuration Parameters
Slots, Prompts and Utterances
Financial Data from Intrinio
What exactly are Slots?
Configure the Dialog Model
Handle Start, End and Launch Requests
Handle the GetStockInfo Intent
Handle Help, Stop and Cancel Intents
Testing With
Remember Data across Sessions
Create a Dynamo DB Table
Configure Full Access to Dynamo DB from Lambda
Handle Start, End and Launch Requests
Handle Add, Remove and List Stock Intents
Test Using
Understanding Flash Briefing Skills
Set Up A Twitter RSS Feed
Set Up a Flash Briefing Skill
Course Outline
Signing in to AWS
Sample Bots
Custom Bots and IAM
Complete Creating Your First Bot
Module Outline
Creating Intents
Slot Types
Slot Properties
Sample Utterances
Configuring the Bot
Test: Ordering Coke
Test: Ordering Pizza (Fail)
Test: Ordering Pizza (Success)
Cleaning up Resources
Module Outline
Weather Bot
Built In Slot Types
Setting Up a Weather Bot
Lambda Intro
Lambda Blueprint
The Big Picture: Code
Lambda Handler
Constructing a Response
Configuring an AWS Lambda
Lex Lambda Configuration
Open Weather API
Invoking the Open Weather API
Importing External Libraries to an AWS Lambda
Versions, Aliases and Publishing
Module Outline
Creating A Slack Application
Activating Lex Integration
Configuring A Stack App
Testing the Slack Bot

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