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Building a Multiplayer 3D Platformer

Video Introducing this tutorial

Creating the Characters Introduction to Property Replication :
The Course Overview
Importing Project Assets
Creating the Base Character Class
Creating the Character Animations
Introduction to Property Replication in C++
Pickups Health and Coins

Building Out the Main Menu :
Single Player State Manager
Building the Main Menu, Multiplayer Menu, and Loading Screens
Building the Host Network Game Screen
Join Network Game Screen
Connecting It All Together

Online Subsystems and Network Sessions :
Introduction to the Online Subsystem and the Session Interface
Creating and Starting a Network Session
Searching for Hosted Network Game Sessions
Joining Existing Network Game Sessions
Updating and Destroying a Network Game Session
Connecting Our Network Functions to the Menu

Networked Game States :
Building a Player UI
Keeping Track of Connected Players
Creating Match State
Building Waiting For Players Menu
Starting Game
Restarting Game

Core Game Loop :
Respawning the Player When Killed
Moving Platforms
Instant Kill Boxes
Basic Enemy
Ending the Level
Completion Screen

Final Steps and Conclusion :
Integrating Steam
Online Game Platform Services
Course Recap