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Building a Basic App Using Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms

Video Introducing this tutorial

Setting up Visual Studio for Mac :
The Course Overview
Installing Visual Studio for Mac and Xamarin
Exploring the Visual Studio for Mac IDE
Creating a Cross-platform App for iOS and Android
Setting Breakpoints Within Your Code
Using the Visual Studio for Mac Built-in Debugger

Creating a Simple Application Using Razor Templates :
Understanding the Razor Templating Engine
Building a Book Library App Using the Razor Templating Engine
Incorporating SQLite-Net and Creating a Database Wrapper
Creating the Book Library Database Model
Creating the Razor Template Pages for Our Book Library App

Building a Photo Library App Using Xamarin. Forms :
Building a Photo Library App
Incorporating the Xamarin Media Plugin
Creating the Photo Library Interface Using XAML
Interacting with the Device Camera and Photo Album
Setting up the Camera and Photo Album Permissions

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