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Build Incredible Chatbots

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome to the course
What are Chatbots?
Anatomy of Chatbot

BotBee - Your very first chatbot sprint! :
Introduction to Project BotBee!
Training the AI

CodeMed | Building a Bot using :
Introduction to CodeMed
Setting up a Facebook page
Introduction to
Creating a Facebook Messenger Bot
Welcoming the user
Personalising the greeting
Presenting options
Building a bot using Presenting options
Extracting the location
Fetching data from Google Places API
Rendering cards
Show on map button
Quick Replies & Thanks
More details button
Fetching data from Google Maps API
Persistent Menu and Global Connections
Bonus: Build a Recipe Bot

Building a Rule Based Weather Bot :
The Interactive Terminal
Understanding Regular Expressions
Understanding Regular Expressions Examples
The Pattern Dictionary
The Matcher Function
Meet your chatbot - Hello Vanilla!
Capturing Entities
Current Weather: Pattern and Capture
The Weather API
Current Weather - The Parser
The getPrefix function
Weather Forecast - Pattern and Capture
Weather Forecast - The Parser

Vanilla Weather Bot Meets Facebook Messenger! :
Introduction to the Facebook Messenger Platform
Setting up a server
Creating a Facebook Page
Creating a Facebook app
Managing Tokens
FBeamer | Introduction and Setup
FBeamer | Registering webhooks
FBeamer | We have incoming
Subscribe to the page and Hello!
FBeamer | Resetting Webhooks
FBeamer | Send API and text messages
FBeamer | Programmatically subscribing to the page
FBeamer | Image messages
Vanilla meets Facebook Messenger
Deploying on Heroku

MovieMate - Introducing :
Introduction to MovieMate
Facebook App Setup
Downloading the starter kit
FBeamer | Validating message integrity
Introduction to | Intent & Training Chapter 1 | Training | Who directed it? | Training | When was it released? | node-wit
The Message API
Introduction to OMDB
Querying OMDB API
Creating a response
Deploying on Heroku
Adding Test Users

Building RemindO - A Chatbot that reminds you to do stuff! :
Introduction to RemindO
Conversation Flow
Downloading the Starter Kit and Setup
Creating and Setting up a Wit.AI App
The "Hi" Story
Managing Sessions: Concept
Managing Sessions : Code
Building the Actions module
Get up and run! & Ending a conversation!
Training WIT to create reminders
Installing MongoDB
Setting up Agenda
createReminder - The Action | Chapter 1
Utility Function | fetchEntity
createReminder The Action | Chapter 2
createReminder Setting up an Agenda job
FBeamer | The getProfile method
createReminder - Date and Time calculation
Displaying the reminder on Facebook Messenger
Show my reminders | Training Wit
Show my reminders | Action
Show my reminders | Agenda Job
"Show my reminders" | A better message
FBeamer | Button Template
Canceling Reminders
"Thanks" | A simple story
Deploying on Heroku
Improving Conversational Exp. (ConvEX) | Quick Replies
Improving Conversational Exp. (ConvEX) | Persistent Menu

Building MoneyBot for Skype, FB and Slack using API.AI :
Introduction to MoneyBot
Introduction to API.AI
Basic Intents
The Currency Convertor Intent
Fulfillment 1
Fulfillment 2
Using Context
Resetting Context
Integration: Skype
Integration : Facebook Messenger
Integration : Slack