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Build Automation Features in TFS

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Understanding the New 2017 Build Infrastructure
Creating Agent Pools and Queues
Installing Build Agents
Specifying Capabilities on Your Build Agents
Configuring Security
Overview of Non-Windows Build Agents
Hybrid Environments
Creating a New Build Definition
Understanding Build Templates
Selecting the Solution to Build
Running Tests as Part of Your Build
Queuing a Build
Selecting Our Source Repository
Running Multiple Concurrent Builds
Working with Build Variables
Configuring Continuous Integration
Using Gated Check-Ins
Using Capabilities to Influence Agent Selection
Build Retention Policies
A Lap Around the Available Build Tasks
Using Build Tasks to Deploy Your Application Components
Extending Builds Using Scripts
Viewing Build Status
Controlling Build Outputs and Understanding Artifacts
Packaging Your .NET Application
Examining Test Results from a Build

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