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PacktPub Build 7 Real World Applications with Vue.js

Video Introducing this tutorial

Real World Projects with Vue.js :
The Course Overview
Setup and Requirements
A Basic Music Index - Creating Our First Views and Routes
Pagination and Splitting Up Components
User Created Playlists - First Steps
Adding Songs to Playlists
Customizing and Managing Playlists
In Search of Songs with Web Workers
Setup and Requirements
Integrating Fetch and Firebase
Searching for Your Favorite Shows
Detail Page for Shows
Subscriptions So that You Will Never Miss a New Season
Subscriptions So that You Will Never Miss a New Season (Continued)
Setup and Requirements
Administration and Authentication
Managing Products
Products on Display
Vuex - Centralized State for Our Shop
A Cart for Shopping
Processing the Checkout
Processing the Checkout (Continued)
Setup and Requirements
Registration and Authentication
Sending Messages to a Single Room
Creating and Joining Multiple Rooms
User Lists and Kicking Users
Test Your Knowledge
5 questions

Practical Projects with Vue JS 2 :
The Course Overview
Install Vue
Why Components?
Working with Data
Directives - Iteration and Conditionals
Slots, References, and Transitions
Introduction to Geo-Store
Project Setup
Adding GraphQL
Creating the Vuex Store
Adding the Map
Adding the Toolbar
Adding Store Info
Introduction to You News
Application and Database Setup
Adding REST Endpoints
Creating the Vuex Store
Initial Layout and Left Nav
Article Viewer
Add Feed Dialog
Adding WebSockets
Local Storage
Introduction to Photo Spot
Creating the Server
Creating the Models
Creating the Vuex Store
Getting File Upload Going
Vuetify, Vue-Router, Layout, and Home Page
Detail Page and Chat Window
Integrating Pusher on the Server
Integrating Pusher on the Client
Test Your Knowledge
3 questions