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Blockchain Development for Beginners

The Course Overview
Blockchain Introduction
Creating Our Mock Block and Blockchain
Seeing How a Blockchain Can Detect Fraud
Implementing A Simple Proof-of-Work
Talking about Transactions and Miner Rewards
How Transactions Are Sent/Received and Rewards Distributed
What is Solidity and MetaMask?
Using the Remix IDE
Data Types and Functions
Creating Inline Assembly Functions
Mappings, Modifiers, Structs, and More
Short Intro to the Web3 Library
Generating ERC-20 Tokens
Extending Token Security (ERC-223)
Deploying the ERC-20 Token Contract
Starting Our Smart Contract
Finishing Our Smart Contract, Migrating to Our Local Environment, and Installing Our Modules
Creating Our Compile Script
Writing Tests Using Mocha and Ganache
Setting Up Our Deploy Script and Creating a Custom Provider with Infura
Interacting with Our Deployed Contract with Remix
Going Over the Layout
Creating Functions to Interact with the Blockchain
Integrating the Functions to Our Front-End Buttons
Adding a Little Bit of Styling to the Front-End