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Blender 2.8 Game Character Creation

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Modeling the Character :
Modeling the Head
Creating the Torso
Modeling the Legs
Creating the Arm
Beginning the Hand
Finishing the Hand
Beginning the Hair
Finishing the Hair

UV Mapping :
UV Mapping the Hips
UV Mapping the Head and Torso
UV Mapping the Leg and Arm
Creating a Unified UV Map

Texture Painting and Sculpting :
Beginning to Texture Paint
Finishing the Base Colors
Painting the Jacket Detail
Texturing the Zipper and Belt
Adding Sculpt Detail to the Hair
Baking a Normal Map

Rigging the Character :
Beginning the Rig
Creating the Arm and Leg Bones
Adjusting Roll and Mirroring
Binding the Character to the Rig
Weight Painting the Character
Adjusting and Testing Weights
Setting Up IK Legs
Creating the Foot Roll Bones
Foot Roll Parenting and Constraints
Setting Up the Toe and Knee Controls
Finishing the Weight Painting
Beginning the Control Object Bones
Finishing the Control Object Bones
Mirroring and Parenting Control Bones
Placing the Custom Shapes
Finishing the Rig

Animating the Character :
Setting Up for Animation
Finishing the Interface Set-up
Drawing the 2D Face
Creating the Idle Animation
Animating the Head Turns and Blinks
Rendering and Testing the 2D Animation
Starting the Run Animation Cycle
Continuing the Run Animation
Finishing the Run Cycle
Creating the Jump Animation
Animating the Face for the Jump

Character Set-up in Unity :
Exporting Assets to Unity
Creating and Importing the Sprite Sheets
Configuring the Character in Unity
Retargeting Third Party Animations
Setting Up the Animator Controller
Beginning the Player Script
Animating the Sprite Sheets
Activating the Face Objects
Configuring the Character Movement