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Become a Python Data Analyst

The Anaconda Distribution and the Jupyter Notebook :
The Course Overview
The Anaconda Distribution
Introduction to the Jupyter Notebook
Using the Jupyter Notebook

Vectorizing Operations with NumPy :
NumPy: Pythons Vectorization Solution
NumPy Arrays: Creation, Methods and Attributes
Using NumPy for Simulations

Pandas: Everyones Favorite Data Analysis Library :
The Pandas Library
Main Properties, Operations and Manipulations
Answering Simple Questions about a Dataset Part 1
Answering Simple Questions about a Dataset Part 2

Visualization and Exploratory Data Analysis :
Basics of Matplotlib
The Object-Oriented Interface
Common Customizations
EDA with Seaborn and Pandas
Analysing Variables Individually
Relationships between Variables

Statistical Computing with Python :
SciPy and the Statistics Sub-Package
Alcohol Consumption Confidence Intervals and Probability Calculations
Hypothesis Testing Does Alcohol Consumption Affect Academic Performance?
Hypothesis Testing Do Male Teenagers Drink More Than Females?

Introduction to Predictive Analytics Models :
Introduction to Predictive Analytics Models
The Scikit-Learn Library Building a Simple Predictive Model
Classification Predicting the Drinking Habits of Teenagers
Regression Predicting House Prices