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Basic and Low-level Python Network Attacks

Video Introducing this tutorial

Port Scanning :
The Course Overview
Installation and Setup
Port Scanning
Challenge: Find a Hidden Service
Challenge: Port Knocking

HTTP Methods :
Using the HEAD Method
Logging in with POST
Challenge: Brute-Force a Short PIN
Challenge: Brute-Force PIN of Unknown Length

TCP and UDP :
Introduction to Scapy
Sending UDP Packets
Performing a TCP Handshake
Fetching a Web Page
Challenge 1: Send TCP Data
Challenge 2: Firewalk

Network Attacks :
ARP Poisoning
IPv6 Router Advertisements
SYN Flood
Slowloris Attack
Challenge 1: SMBloris
Challenge 2: Land Attack

Network Defenses :
The Yesman Honeypot
Detecting Promiscuous NICs
ARP Poisoning Detection
DNS Monitoring
Challenge 1: RA Detection
Challenge 2: Land Attack Detection

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