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Back-End Web Development using Go

Video Introducing this tutorial

Templates :
The Course Overview
Dressing up Your Web App with Templates
Templates in Go
Custom Template

Managing Requests and Responses :
Model View Controller
Request Routing with Gorilla Mux
HTTP Request Context
Rest API

Forms :
Building a Web Form
Extracting Web Form Data
Web Form Validation
Web Form Security
Social Media Post Form

File Uploads :
Introduction to File Uploads
Image Upload
Video Upload

Datastores :
Introduction to MySQL
Implementing a MySQL Datastore
Introduction to MongoDB
Implementing a MongoDB Datastore
Introduction to Redis
Implementing a Redis Datastore

Authenticated Sessions :
TLS Web Server Instance
Verifying User Credentials
Secure Cookie
User Session
Authentication Middleware

Asynchronous Task Queue :
Implementing an Asynchronous Task Queue
Image Resizing as an Asynchronous Task