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PacktPub AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification 2020

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction:

Cloud Concepts:
What is Cloud Computing - I
What is Cloud Computing - II
Benefits of Cloud Computing
Key Concepts and Terminology
Economies of Scale
CapEx Vs OpEx
Cloud Models: What is Public Cloud
Cloud Models: Characteristics of Public Cloud
Cloud Models: What is Private Cloud
Cloud Models: Characteristics of Private Cloud
Cloud Models: Hybrid Cloud
Cloud Models: Characteristics of Hybrid Cloud
Review and What Next!!
What is IAAS
Use Cases of IAAS
What is PAAS ?
Use Cases of PAAS
What is SAAS ?
Cloud Models: Shared Responsibility Model

Core Azure Services:
Azure Regions
Special Azure regions
Region pairs
Feature Availability Region Wise
Availability Zones
Availability Sets
What are Resource Groups?
Azure Resource Manager
What Next!! - Azure Core Services and Products
What is Azure Compute
Azure Virtual Machines - Audiocast Only
Azure Virtual Machines I - LAB
Azure Virtual Machines II - LAB
Azure Virtual Machines III - LAB
Azure Virtual Machines IV - LAB
Azure Virtual Machines V - LAB
Azure Virtual Machines VI - LAB
What are Containers?
Containers ( LAB Activity )
What are Virtual Networks
Virtual Networks - LAB
Azure Load Balancer
VPN Gateway
Azure Application Gateway - I
Azure Application Gateway - II
Azure Content Delivery Networks (CDN's)
How CDN works ?
Azure CDN - Lab Activity
Azure Storage Services
Structured Data
Semi Structured Data
Unstructured Data
Azure Storage Account - Types
Azure Storage Account - Blob - Lab Activity - I
Azure Storage Account - Blog - Lab Activity - II
Azure Storage Account - Blob - Lab Activity - III
Azure Storage Account - Blog - Lab Activity - IV
Azure Storage Account - Blob - Lab Activity - V
Azure Storage Account - Blob - Lab Activity - VI
Azure Database Services
Azure SQL - Lab Demo
Azure MarketPlace
What is Internet of Things ( IOT ) - Intro
IOT Hub Demo
Azure Big Data and Analytics
Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Azure HDInsights
Azure Data Lake Analytics
Machine Learning
Azure Machine Learning Services and Studio
What is Server less Computing ?
The concept of Devops
Azure Management Tools
Creating Resources with Powershell - Lab Activity
Creating Resources with Azure CLI - Lab Activity
Provision Resources using Cloud Shell - Lab Activity
Deployment with JSON - Lab Activity
Azure Advisor
Module 2: What did we learn

Security, Privacy, Compliance and Trust:
What to expect in Module 3
Azure Firewalls
Azure Firewall - Lab Activity - notes
Azure Firewall - Lab Activity
Azure DDOS
Network Security Groups
Application Security Groups
Which Network Security Solution to choose from ?
AuthZ and AuthN
Azure Active Directory
Multi Factor Authentication
Azure Security Center
Azure Security Center - Lab Activity
Azure Key Vault
Azure Information Protection
Azure Advanced Threat Protection
What is Azure Policy
Azure Policy - Lab Activity
Azure Role Based Access Control ( RBAC )
Azure Role Based Access Control ( RBAC ) - Lab Activity
Azure Locks
Azure Locks - Lab Activity
Azure Blueprints
Subscription Governance
Azure Tags
Azure Monitoring
Azure Monitoring Lab Activity
Azure Service Health
Monitoring Applications and Services
Compliance Terms and Requirements
Microsoft Privacy Statement
Microsoft Trust Center
Service Trust Portal
Azure Government Services
Azure Germany Services
Azure China 21Vianet

Azure Pricing and Support:
Module 4 Introduction: What to expect in this module
Azure Subscriptions
What are Management Groups
Purchase Azure Product & Services : Available Options
Usage Metrics
Factors Affecting Costs
The concept of Zones for Billing
Azure Pricing Calculator
Azure Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO )
Ways to Minimize Costs in Azure
Azure Cost Management
Azure Support Plans
Alternative Support Options
Service Level Agreements ( SLA's )
Composite SLA's
Improving Application SLA's
Public and Preview Features
Providing Feedback
General Availability
Azure Updates, Announcements and Roadmaps