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AWS MasterClass: Storage & CDN – AWS S3 & AWS CloudFront

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome and Introduction
Course overview
About us
About you the learner
Get ready for AWS storage services
Introduction to AWS storage services
The AWS storage service landscape
Introduction to AWS S3
Introduction to AWS EBS
Introduction to AWS Glacier
Introduction to AWS EFS
Introduction to AWS CloudFront
Quick checkin
Get ready for AWS S3
Get started with AWS S3
Setup and configure AWS S3 bucket
Using AWS S3
Get ready for AWS EBS
Provision AWS EC2 instances
Mount EBS volumes on AWS EC2 instances
fstab command
Get ready for AWS CloudFront
Create AWS CloudFront distribution
Configure AWS CloudFront distribution
Configure AWS CloudFront distribution # 2
Finalize AWS CloudFront distribution
Prepare for validating AWS CloudFront setup
Prepare AWS CloudFront distribution
Deploy AWS EC2 instances
Validate AWS CloudFront setup
Introduction to AWS
Benefits of AWS cloud
Who is using AWS? and Why?
Services provided by AWS
Services provided by AWS # 2
AWS - a leading cloud platform

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