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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Tutorial – Step 3

Video Introducing this tutorial

Databases and RDS :
The Course Overview
Databases Essentials and Introduction to RDS
Creating an RDS Instance and Connecting to it
Setting Up RDS Subnet Groups
Multi-AZ, Backups, and Read Replicas

Route53 and DNS :
DNS Introduction and Registering a Domain
Simple Routing Example
Weighted and Latency-Based Routing
Failover and Geo-Based Routing

Application Services :
Introduction to the Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Exam Tips
Introduction to the Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Exam Tips
Hands-on with SNS
Example of Using SQS and SNS
Introduction to the Simple Workflow Service (SWF)

CloudFormation and Elastic Beanstalk :
Introduction to CloudFormation
A CloudFormation Example
Introduction to Elastic Beanstalk
An Elastic Beanstalk Example

AWS Shared Responsibility Model and Exam Tips :
AWS Shared Responsibility Model
Introduction to the Exam

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