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AWS Certified Developer – Associate Tutorial Step 1 & 2

Video Introducing this tutorial

Step 1 :
Introduction to AWS
The Course Overview
Installation and Setup
Introduction to the Course, Setting Expectations, and the Exam Blueprint
AWS History and a 10,000 Foot Overview
Quiz: Introduction and Overview Review

Identity Access Management
Introduction to IAM
Hands on with IAM: Creating Users, Roles, and Groups
Active Directory Federation Role
Web Identity Federation Role
Quiz: IAM, Roles, and When to Use Them

Introduction to EC2, Instance Types and the EC2 CLI
How to Create EC2 Instances and Connect to Them
How to Use Roles with EC2
How to Access EC2 Metadata and What It’s Useful for
Installing Python and PIP on Your EC2 Instance
Introduction to the Elastic Load Balancer
Quiz: EC2 and ELB

S3 and Cloudfront
Introduction to S3
Creating an S3 Bucket through the Control
S3 Storage Options
S3 Version Control
LifeCycling with S3 and Glacier
Getting Data into AWS: Snowball and Transfer Acceleration
Introduction to Cloudfront
CORS, Bucket Policies, ACLs, and Encryption
Quiz: S3 and Cloudfront

Tying It all Together
A Simple Django Python Application Reading Data from S3
Deploying and Load Balancing the Application (Using Roles for Permissions)

Step 2 :
Databases and DynamoDB
The Course Overview
Databases Essentials and Introduction to DynamoDB
Creating a DynamoDB and Its Associated Indexes
Scanning Versus Querying
Provisioning Throughput
Web Identity Authentication and DynamoDB
Quiz –DynamoDB

Route53 and DNS
Introduction to DNS and Registering a Domain
Simple Routing Example
Weighted and Latency-Based Routing
Failover and Geo-Based Routing
Quiz –Route53

Application Services
Introduction to the Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Exam Tips
Introduction to the Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Exam Tips (Continued)
Hands on with SNS
Introduction to the Simple Workflow Service (SWF)
Quiz – Application Services

Cloudformation and Elastic Beanstalk
Introduction to Cloudformation
Cloudformation Example
Introduction to Elastic Beanstalk
Elastic Beanstalk Example
Quiz – Cloudformation and Elastic Beanstalk