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AWS Bootcamp – Autoscaling Applications in the Cloud

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to AWS :
The Course Overview
Installation and Setup
AWS History and 10,000 Foot Overview

Virtual Elastic Computing with EC2 :
EC2 Instance Types
Creating EC2 Instances and Connecting to Them
Roles and EC2
EC2 Metadata
Introduction to the Elastic Load Balancer

Storage and Content Delivery in the Cloud with S3 and CloudFront :
S3 and CloudFront for the First Time
Creating an S3 Bucket
S3 Storage Options
S3 Version Control
S3 Lifecycling
CloudFront and When to Use a CDN
CORS, Bucket Policies, ACLs, and Encryption

A Simple Autoscaling Application :
A Simple NodeJS Express App
Deploying to EC2
Load Balancing the API
Autoscaling the API