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AWS Administration – Database, Networking, and Beyond

Video Introducing this tutorial

Management Tools :
The Course Overview
Auditing AWS Account
Creating Email Alarms
Publishing Custom Metrics in CloudWatch
Creating Monitoring Dashboards
Creating a Budget
Feeding Log Files into CloudWatch logs

Database Services :
Creating a Database with Automatic Failover
Creating a Database Read Replica
Creating a One-Time Database Backup
Calculating DynamoDB Performance

Networking :
Building a Secure Network
Creating a NAT Gateway
Canary Deployment Via DNS
Hosting a Domain
Routing Based on Location with Failover
Network Logging and Troubleshooting

Security and Identity :
Creating SSL Certificates
Active Directory as a Service
Creating Users
Creating Instance Roles

Estimating Costs :
Calculating Tools
Estimating CloudFormation Template Costs
Purchasing Reserved Instances
Estimating Total Cost of Ownership

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