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Automating Your Systems with PowerShell 6.x

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Differences between PowerShell Core 6 and Windows PowerShell
Installing PowerShell Core 6 and Visual Studio Code
Using the Most Important cmdlets in PowerShell
Getting to Know Common Parameters
Reading and Writing to the Host
Using the Pipeline and the $_ Variable
Looking at PowerShell Providers
Basics of Working with Objects
How to Work with Some Common and Useful Objects?
Introduction to Comparison and Logical Operators
Managing Objects in the Pipeline
Creating Your Own PowerShell Object
Getting Started with Writing Scripts
Setting Up a Local Git Repository
Adding Branching to Your Scripts
Adding Loops to Your Scripts
Adding Logging to Your Scripts
Debugging Your Scripts
Advanced Scripting Topics
Basics of Working with Files
Working with Access Control Lists to Set Permissions
Working with XML Files
Importing and Exporting with Some Common File Types

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