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Automated UI Testing in C#

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and Initial Setup :
The Course Overview
Overview of Test Frameworks and Setup

Writing Sample Tests :
Creating Sample Scenarios
Adding Configuration
Data-Drive Tests
Adapting Tests for Parallel Execution

Wrapping Controls and Pages :
General Idea Overview and Main Design
Wrapping Controls
Wrapping Pages
Adding Page Factory
Generating Screenshots

Complex Cases for Pages and Elements :
Platform-Specific Identifiers
Customizing Control Interaction
Dealing with Sub-Elements
Additional Verification Functionality

Object Driven Framework :
Major Concepts of the Object Driven Framework
Creating the Object Driven Engine
Transferring Data between Steps
Apply the Approach to Tests

Keyword-Driven Framework :
General Introduction to Approach and Cucumber-JVM
Giving Informative Names to Pages and Elements
Major Set of Keywords to Implement
Additional Keywords for Compound Elements

More Tricky Functionalities :
Transferring Data between Steps
Evaluating Expressions
Parallelizing SpecFlow
Final Overview and Whats Next