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Artificial Intelligence with Python : Deep Neural Networks

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Installing OpenCV
Frame Differencing
Tracking Objects Using Colorspaces
Object Tracking Using Background Subtraction
Building an Object Tracker Using the CAMShift Algorithm
Optical Flow Based Tracking
Face Detection and Tracking
Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks
Building a Perceptron Based Classifier
Constructing Single and Multilayer Neural Networks
Building a Vector Quantizer
Analyzing Sequential Data Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Visualizing Characters in an Optical Character Recognition Database
Building an Optical Character Recognition Engine
What Is Reinforcement Learning?
Creating an Environment
Building a Learning Agent
What are Convolutional Neural Networks?
Building a Perceptron-Based Linear Regressor
Building an Image Classifier Using a Single Layer Neural Network
Building an Image Classifier Using a Convolutional Neural Network

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