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Ansible 2 for Configuration Management

Getting Started with Ansible for Configuration Management :
The Course Overview
Powerful Automation with Ansible
Installing Ansible
Ansible SSH and sudo
Ad-hoc Ansible Commands
Using Ansible Inventory
Building an Ansible Playbook

Working on Ansible Tasks and Using Variables :
Installing, Configuring, and Running Software
Introduction to YAML
Using Variables in Tasks
Ansible Facts
Creating Inventory Groups
Applying Variables to Groups

Roles and Templates :
Organizing Tasks into Roles
Downloading Roles from Ansible Galaxy
Customizing Roles with Variables
Building Custom Roles
Using Templates in Roles
Template Flow Control

Orchestrate Cloud and Container Environments :
Security with Ansible Vault
Automating Amazon Web Services with Ansible
Building Amazon Machine Images
Managing Docker with Ansible
Ansible Docker Connector
Ansible and Kubernetes

Customizing Ansible – Facts and Modules :
Custom Ansible Facts
Custom Ansible Modules
Module Arguments and Results
Writing Custom Modules