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Advanced Statistics and Data Mining for Data Science

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Comparing and Contrasting Statistics and Data Mining
Comparing and Contrasting IBM SPSS Statistics and IBM SPSS Modeler
Types of Projects
Predictive Modeling: Purpose, Examples, and Types
Characteristics and Examples of Statistical Predictive Models
Linear Regression: Purpose, Formulas, and Demonstration
Linear Regression: Assumptions
Characteristics and Examples of Decision Trees Models
CHAID: Purpose and Theory
CHAID Demonstration
CHAID Interpretation
Characteristics and Examples of Machine Learning Models
Neural Network: Purpose and Theory
Neural Network Demonstration
Comparing Models
Cluster Analysis: Purpose Goals, and Applications
Cluster Analysis: Basics
Cluster Analysis: Models
K-Means Demonstration
K-Means Interpretation
Using Additional Fields to Create a Cluster Profile
Association Modeling Theory: Examples and Objectives
Association Modeling Theory: Basics and Applications
Demonstration: Apriori Setup and Options
Demonstration: Apriori Rule Interpretation
Demonstration: Apriori with Tabular Data

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