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Advanced Server-Side Programming with Node.js

The Course Overview
Structuring Our Application with MVC Architecture and Git
Mongoose - Introduction to MongoDB Object Modelling
Mongoose - CRUD Operations and Express Review
What is Templating and EJS?
Sending Data From Our Server-Side
Looping Through Data and Conditional Rendering with EJS
Include Tag with EJS
Introduction to OAuth
Setting up Routes for Facebook Authentication
Setting up a Facebook Strategy with the Passport Module
Setting up Sessions and Testing Our Facebook Logins
Setting up Local Users Using Mongoose and Sessions
Introduction to Encrypting Sensitive Data
Encrypting User Passwords
Confirming Our Newly Encrypted Passwords
Project Setup
Creating the Database Schemas
Creating Local Authentication
Creating Facebook Authentication
Creating a Search and Dashboard Page
Creating a Profile and Settings Layout
Setting up Nodemailer to Send Email Notifications
Deploying Our Application to Heroku

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