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Advanced Malware Analysis

The Course Overview
Keyloggers and Information Stealers
Privilege Escalation
Persistence Methods
Data Encoding
Covert Launching Techniques
Using a Debugger
An Overview of the Windows Environment
User Mode Debugging
Malware Analysis Using OllyDbg
Features of OllyDbg
Kernel Mode Debugging
Malware Analysis Using WINDBG
Features of WINDBG
Advanced Notes on the x86 Architecture
How a Disassembler Can Help Us
Loading and Navigating Using IDA Pro
Functions in IDA
IDA Pro Graphic Features
Analysing Malware Using IDA Pro
Malware Detection Techniques
Steps to Clean a Compromised Network
How Intrusion Detection Systems Work
An Introduction to Snort
How to Setup Snort?
How Do Packers Work?
How to Detect Packed Malware?
How to Unpack a Malware Program?
Examples of Unpacking a Malware Program