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Advanced Concepts of Odoo 10

Video Introducing this tutorial

Building a Website with Odoo :
The Course Overview
Basics of CMS
Uses of Odoo Website Builder for Your CMS
Installing the Odoo Website Builder
Creating Our Frequently Asked Questions Web Page
Changing Themes in Odoo

Implementing E-Commerce with Odoo :
E-commerce and Odoo
Installing Odoo E-commerce
Setting the Product Price
Additional Configuration Options for Your Odoo Shop
Setting Up Product Variants
Advanced E-commerce Product Options
Adding PayPal as a Payment Processor

Customizing Odoo for Your Business :
Understanding the Odoo Architecture
Adding a Custom Field to Odoo
Editing the Form View
Customizing Search Operations in Odoo
Understanding Actions
Creating a New Menu

Modifying Documents and Reports :
Company Report Configuration
Modifying the Internal Report Header Using QWeb
Listing Odoo Reports
Understanding the Report Types
Creating a New QWeb Report in Odoo

Discovering Custom Odoo Modules :
Building Our First Odoo Module
Specifying a Custom Directory
Extending an Odoo Model in
Getting Ready to Install Our Module
Troubleshooting Your Module Installation

Comparative Analysis of Community Versus Enterprise Edition :
Using the Odoo runbot to Compare Odoo Versions
Examining the Odoo Enterprise Interface
Using the Bank Integration Features of Enterprise Edition
Understanding the Available Manufacturing Applications in Odoo
Handling Maintenance Requests