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A Front-End Web Developer Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Web development introduction
Welcome to front end web development
DNS Names and IP addresses
Code of the internet
HTML and CSS how they work
JavaScript Code
Web development and how it works
Dynamic Static Frontend Backend Client Side Server Side
Editors creating frontend code
Web development Browsers
File Structure
Hosting websites
Get your website files to your server
Web developer Resources and info
What is HTML
How to Write and Practice HTML
How to create an HTML boilerplate
Exercise creating a boilerplate HTML file
Self Closing tags Meta tags and attributes
Heading Tags
Update template
Common tags P BR HR separate text
Clean Code Comments and more
HTML preformatted text
HTML Character Codes resources
Exercise Recreate as HTML
HTML Markup Examples
HTML hyperlinks
Hyperlink Attributes
How to create HTML bookmarks
email link HTML mailto
Exercise Create Navbar for website
Adding Images to websites
Exercise Create Thumbnail portfolio
Ordered Lists and Unordered lists
HTML Description List
HTML Nested Lists
Exercise List of services
HTML tables
HTML spanning multiple cells
Quick Tip Styling
Exercise HTML table
HTML forms introduction
Contact Form HTML
New HTML5 input types
Form elements HTML
Form content
Exercise Create Contact Form
HTML5 semantic elements
HTML iframe pages
Exercise Create a Website
Websites with and without CSS
How to add CSS to HTML Pages
Making selections CSS inspector
Divs and spans content selection
CSS selection id tag class
Colors HEX RGB RGBA values
CSS named color values
CSS background images
CSS background shorthand statement
CSS borders shorthand
CSS border Outline
CSS Margins
CSS padding
CSS Box Model Dev Tools
CSS height and Width
Box Model Challenge
Auto Margins Center your elements CSS
CSS font property
CSS Text property
Chrome dev tools editors and options
Adding Font families Google Fonts
Line Height CSS
CSS letter spacing
CSS links
CSS table styling
Display and Hiding elements CSS
Display Inline 4 squares Challenge
CSS position Properties
DevTools Design Tips
Coding Challenge Make a NavBar from an unordered list
Code Challenge Solution
Floats section introduction
More about Floats
Intro to Floats
CSS Float images inline with text
CSS float thumbnails
HTML build basic page layout CSS
2 column CSS site
Create a 2 column page layout in minutes
Create 3 column webpage
3 column height background color fix
CSS Combinators
CSS Pseudo Classes
CSS Pseudo Elements
CSS Selectors by attributes
CSS Media Queries secret to responsive design
Multiple Background Images CSS
Element box properties CSS
More border options CSS3
background gradients CSS
CSS3 Animation
HTML build a basic website structure with HTML
Apply CSS build a navbar
Build 2 Column main content area CSS
Sidemenu links hover CSS
CSS website tweak
What is JavaScript
How to add JavaScript to Webpages
Debugging and commenting JavaScript
JavaScript Basic Data Types
JavaScript Variables
JavaScript Variable Rules
Exercise 1 Output to console link to js file
Data type Null vs Undefined JavaScript
Declaring multiple variables at once JavaScript
JavaScript Operators
Increment and Decrement Values JavaScript
Assignment Operators JavaScript
Comparison Operators JavaScript
JavaScript String Operators
JavaScript Logical Operators
prompt and alert JavaScript
Writing content to the HTML document object
JavaScript Objects
JavaScript Objects Dynamic Outputs
JavaScript Objects within Objects
JavaScript update values
JavaScript Arrays
Working with Array Methods JavaScript
Array Methods extended
Sorting and more with Arrays JavaScript
More with Arrays JavaScript
Objects and Arrays together
JavaScript if condition statement
JavaScript switch statement
JavaScript Do while loops
For loops and more JavaScript
Looping items in arrays and objects JavaScript
JavaScript introduction to functions
Working with JavaScript Functions
Global and Local Variables Functions
Self-Executing function
Break out of function JavaScript
JavaScript String Methods
Strings and Arrays
Numbers to strings back to numbers
JavaScript Math Method
JavaScript Date Method
What is the DOM
Select Node value using JavaScript
JavaScript Objects and selection within the DOM
Windows Object Model
document write method
Selecting Elements by ID
Update Output Div content from input form
Select Elements by Tag Name
Selecting elements by Class
document query Selector
Making Selections like CSS
Traversing the DOM
Add styling to Elements Dynamically
Append and Remove Elements using JavaScript
Add Event listeners to elements using JavaScript
Event listeners click events
Hover over elements make them change background color
Image popup window
Single page website section introduction what we are building
development environment setup
webpage setup
Setup Nav Structure and Elements
Style NavBar CSS
Add Placeholder Content to Sections
Tweak Header NavBar and Sections
CSS HTML Build Sections
Build Page Footer
Final Page Tweaks
JavaScript ScrollSpy Effect
Webpage Final Overview