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PacktPub 100 JavaScript Algorithm Challenges

Video Introducing this tutorial

What's the 100 Algorithms Challenge? Who am I?
Objective Setup
My Tools
TypeScript Basics
Getting Started

Absolute Values Sum Minimization
Add Border
Add Two Digits
Adjacent Elements Product
All Longest Strings
Almost Increasing Sequence
Alphabetic Shift
Alphabet Sub Sequence
Alternating Sums
Are Equally Strong
Are Similar
Array Change
Array Conversion
Array Max Consecutive Sum
Array Maximal Adjacent Difference
Array Previous Less
Array Replace
Avoid Obstacles
Bishop and Pawn
Box Blur
Case Insensitive Palindrome
Century from Year
Character Parity
Check Palindrome
Chess Board Cell Color
Chunky Monkey
Circle of Numbers
Common Character Count
Company Bot Strategy
Compare Integers
Compose Ranges
Confirm Ending
Contains Close Nums
Contains Duplicates
Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
Convert String
Crossing Sum
Deposit Profit
Different Symbols Naive
Digit Degree
Domain Type
Election Winners
Enclose in Brackets
Even Digits Only
Extract Each Kth
Extract Matrix Column
Factorialize A Number
Fancy Ride
Fare Estimator
Find the Closest Pair
Find Email Domain
First Digit
First Duplicate
First Not Repeating Character
Flatten Array
Growing Plant
House Number Sum
House of Cats
HTML End Tag by Start Tag
Incorrect Password Attempts
Integer To String Of Fixed Width
Internal Backups
Is Lucky
Is Tandem Repeat
Largest of Four
Largest Number
Late Ride
Launch Sequence Checker
Longest Digits Prefix
Make Array Consecutive 2
Matrix Elements Sum
Max Multiple
Missing Letters
New Numeral System
Palindrome Rearranging
Pages Numbering with Ink
Pig Latin
Pro Categorization
Proper Noun Correction
Rating Threshold
Reflect String
Reverse a String
Seats in Theater
Seek and Destroy
Shape Area
Sort by Height
Sort by Length
Stolen Lunch
Strings Construction
Sum All Prime Numbers
Sum of Odd Fibonacci Numbers
Square Digits Sequence
Switch Lights
Sum of Two
Tasks Types
Unique Digit Products
Valid Time

Technical Phone Screen:
Don't Lie in your Interview
Use Examples
Double Equal versus Triple Equal ('== vs ===')
What is Closure in JavaScript?
Lexical versus Block Scope
What is typeof in JavaScript?
What is 'use strict' in JavaScript?
What does 'Delete' do in JavaScript?
What is 'this' in JavaScript?

Thank You: